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12/15/2017 12:32 PM
Critic’s Notebook: You Know Your History? These Podcasts Aren’t So Sure
It seems every podcast company is starting its own counterintuitive take on history. But how effective are they at actually illuminating our past?

12/15/2017 01:48 PM
Life on the Meme Council: Meet the Internet’s Gatekeepers
Know Your Meme, a database for the internet’s inside jokes, runs with the help of 38 volunteer moderators known as the meme council. These are their stories.

12/15/2017 01:55 PM
Why Did Disney Expand Its Sports Kingdom With Out-of-Favor Networks?
In its megadeal with 21st Century Fox, Disney acquired 22 regional sports networks that it believes will complement ESPN. It’s unclear how that will happen.

12/14/2017 08:32 PM
The Streaming Landscape After Disney’s Deal
Netflix is the clear leader in the streaming wars, but Disney’s deal with 21st Century Fox changes things. Here’s a look at the various streaming services.

12/14/2017 07:32 PM
Stuart Evey, a Founding Force at ESPN, Is Dead at 84
Mr. Evey persuaded his bosses at Getty Oil to invest in the start-up sports network and then helped manage it as it took wing.

12/14/2017 10:58 PM
Common Sense: The Disney-Fox Deal Has Friends in High Places
The Justice Department moved to block AT&T’s attempted acquisition of Time Warner. So why would it approve this $52.4 billion megadeal?

12/14/2017 03:38 PM
‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Will Return for Season 10
Larry David’s cringe humor sitcom, which returned this fall after a long hiatus, will begin production on a new season in the spring.

12/14/2017 04:08 PM
‘Are You Normal?’ Putin Asks U.S. Congress in Annual News Gathering
As much circus as news conference, the event provided the Russian president with a platform to bolster his campaign and to attack the United States.

12/14/2017 08:20 PM
Morgan Spurlock: ‘I Am Part of the Problem’
The filmmaker stepped down from his production company Thursday, after he wrote that he had engaged in sexual misconduct dating to his college days.

12/14/2017 10:24 PM
A.G. Sulzberger, 37, to Take Over as New York Times Publisher
An author of the ‘innovation report’ will follow in the footsteps of his father, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., who served as publisher for 25 years.

12/14/2017 05:49 PM
Fox-Disney Deal Gives Rupert Murdoch His King Lear Moment
As he prepares to sell off much of 21st Century Fox, the 86-year-old magnate is testing the ties that bind the family-run fief.

12/14/2017 07:45 AM
What Disney Is Getting From Fox
Benefits include overseas assets, a television hit factory, popular film franchises, regional sports networks and a more diverse pool of executives.

12/14/2017 12:38 AM
Tavis Smiley Responds to PBS Suspension of Talk Show After Misconduct Allegations
The network said it had indefinitely suspended distribution of Mr. Smiley’s nightly program after an investigation found “credible allegations” of inappropriate behavior against him.

12/13/2017 07:39 PM
Netflix Executive Loses Job After Comment on Danny Masterson Rape Allegations
The executive, Andy Yeatman, unwittingly told a woman who had accused the actor of rape that the company didn’t believe the accusers.

12/13/2017 07:24 PM
Joe Biden Comforts Meghan McCain in Heartfelt Exchange on ‘The View’
“One of the things that gave Beau courage, my word, was John,” Mr. Biden told a tearful Ms. McCain. Her father, John McCain, has the same form of cancer that killed his son Beau.

12/13/2017 07:17 PM
Anthony Scaduto, an Early Biographer of Dylan, Dies at 85
Mr. Scaduto, a journalist with a long tenure at The New York Post, also wrote a book challenging the verdict in the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

12/14/2017 04:50 AM
Is Christmas a Religious Holiday? A Growing Number of Americans Say No
The Pew Research Center said that while most Americans still celebrate Christmas, few of them care that religious elements seem to receive less attention than in the past.

12/13/2017 02:35 PM
Website Helps Movie and TV Fans Keep Track of Hollywood’s ‘Rotten Apples’
Rotten Apples, a new searchable database, aims to help users quickly discover which films or television shows are linked to those facing sexual misconduct allegations.

12/13/2017 01:27 PM
The Year in Stuff
What a long, strange year it has been. Here are the pieces that defined it: what we wore, we carried, wanted, feared and waited for.

12/13/2017 11:27 PM
Arrests of Reuters Reporters in Myanmar Add to Fears About Press Freedom
The two journalists, accused of trying to obtain official documents illegally, could face up to 14 years in prison.

12/13/2017 11:16 AM
The Race to Erase Kevin Spacey
“I took action,” the director Ridley Scott said of his whirlwind reshoot of “All the Money in the World,” which featured Christopher Plummer in a role originally filmed by Mr. Spacey.

12/13/2017 04:26 PM
Disney’s Deal for 21st Century Fox Is Said to Be Close
The $60 billion-plus acquisition would give Disney control of most of Rupert Murdoch’s movie and TV empire, and give a serious boost to the company’s streaming ambitions.

12/12/2017 11:24 PM
India Bans Condom Ads From Prime-Time TV
Conservative social groups pressured the government to crack down on the commercials, saying they were inappropriate for children.

12/11/2017 06:33 PM
Marshall Loeb, Editor Who Shaped Money and Fortune Magazines, Dies at 88
Mr. Loeb turned a floundering Money into one of the nation’s most successful publications in the 1980s and led a similar revival at Fortune.

12/11/2017 08:19 PM
Ryan Lizza Fired by The New Yorker Over Sexual Misconduct Allegation
The magazine said it “severed ties” with Mr. Lizza, its Washington correspondent, over “improper sexual conduct.” He denied that charge.

12/12/2017 10:36 AM
Roy Reed, Times Reporter Who Covered the Civil Rights Era, Dies at 87
Mr. Reed was with Martin Luther King when he was released from jail in Selma, Ala., and with protesters on Bloody Sunday at the Pettus Bridge.

12/11/2017 05:40 PM
Germany Accuses China of Using LinkedIn to Recruit Informants
A top German intelligence agency said that more than 10,000 citizens were targeted, including lawmakers and government employees.

12/10/2017 10:43 PM
Advertising: Reminding E-Commerce Customers Who Delivers
During the holiday season, the three giants of package delivery services — FedEx, United Parcel Service and the United States Postal Service — focus on the home.

12/10/2017 06:58 PM
Simeon Booker, Pioneering Reporter on Race Issues, Dies at 99
The first black reporter at The Washington Post, Mr. Booker left to become a Jet magazine columnist and Washington bureau chief for its parent company.

12/11/2017 10:39 AM
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Specialize in Small Talk and Big Ratings
The homey “Live With Kelly and Ryan” sticks to light banter even as its NBC rival, Megyn Kelly, takes on weightier matters.

12/10/2017 01:30 PM
Louis C.K. Will Buy Back ‘I Love You, Daddy’
The comedian will buy back the rights to his film, which was shelved by its distributor following allegations of sexual misconduct.

12/10/2017 01:22 PM
Holdover Films Chug Away at the Box Office as ‘Last Jedi’ Looms
In another quiet weekend at multiplexes, “Coco” was No. 1, “Justice League” continued to disappoint and “Wonder” crossed the $100 million mark.

12/10/2017 06:02 PM
Trump Wants Washington Post Reporter Fired Over Misleading Tweet
The president said the reporter, Dave Weigel, should be fired for a photo he posted on Twitter of a sparsely filled arena before a rally for the president in Florida.

12/11/2017 05:43 PM
Max Clifford, Celebrity Publicist and Sex Offender, Dies After Collapsing in Prison
Mr. Clifford, once Britain’s highest-profile publicity agent, was serving an eight-year sentence for assaulting women and girls as young as 15.

12/08/2017 06:43 PM
CNN Corrects a Trump Story, Fueling Claims of ‘Fake News’
The erroneous report involving Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks came at a time when the media faces public skepticism and frequent criticism from the White House.

12/08/2017 05:54 PM
Apple Said to Be Acquiring Shazam, the Song Identifying App
The app, which can identify a song just by hearing a few seconds of it, has lost some of its shine but is still used by “hundreds of millions of people.”

12/13/2017 03:11 PM
Mickey Gurdus, Who Eavesdropped on the World, Dies at 73
An Israeli, Mr. Gurdus monitored private and public communications over the air to create his own journalistic niche and score reportorial scoops.

12/08/2017 04:50 PM
Songs, Music Publisher of Lorde and Diplo, Bought by Kobalt
The deal is the latest sign of a frothy market for music rights, as streaming has given a boost to the valuations of music catalogs.

12/08/2017 11:08 PM
Profile: Eluding Censors, a Magazine Covers Southeast Asia’s Literary Scene
Mekong Review’s contributors include some of the best-known authors, journalists and academics who follow the region.



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