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12/15/2017 04:10 PM
With Rubio, Corker Back on Board, G.O.P. Speeds Ahead With Tax Plan
Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Bob Corker of Tennessee said they will support the Republican tax bill, moving the legislation closer to passage.

12/15/2017 05:00 AM
With Billions at Stake in Tax Debate, Lobbyists Played Hardball
The rapid pace of the tax bill moving through Congress left lobbyists with little time and few lawmakers to press for changes in the $1.5 trillion overhaul.

12/15/2017 09:24 AM
F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules
In a 3-to-2 vote along party lines, the agency scrapped Obama-era rules meant to protect an open internet.

12/15/2017 02:26 PM
Right and Left React to the F.C.C.’s Vote on Net Neutrality Rules
Writers from across the political spectrum on the vote Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission to dismantle Obama-era rules on net neutrality.

12/15/2017 10:29 AM
Why Net Neutrality Was Repealed and How It Affects You
The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules. Here’s what you need to know.

12/15/2017 01:24 PM
G.O.P. Establishment Declares Open Season on a Weakened Bannon
Roy S. Moore’s loss in Alabama has stirred up fresh worry that Republicans are again descending again into Tea Party-type spasms of self-defeating rage.

12/14/2017 08:12 PM
Democrats Draw Vivid Lesson From Alabama: Mobilize Black Voters
Doug Jones’s victory on Tuesday was a measure of the big benefits Democrats enjoy when they put more resources into reaching black and other minority voters.

12/15/2017 12:09 PM
Bulletin Board: NYT Needle Returns to the Spotlight. The Internet Notices.
New York Times editors explain how our election needle came to be and why we’re all fixated on it.

12/14/2017 05:49 PM
Fox-Disney Deal Gives Rupert Murdoch His King Lear Moment
As he prepares to sell off much of 21st Century Fox, the 86-year-old magnate is testing the ties that bind the family-run fief.

12/14/2017 05:39 PM
Murdoch Speaks on the Fox-Disney Merger
Disney's deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox's assets started with an informal chat at Rupert Murdoch's winery.

12/15/2017 01:55 PM
Why Did Disney Expand Its Sports Kingdom With Out-of-Favor Networks?
In its megadeal with 21st Century Fox, Disney acquired 22 regional sports networks that it believes will complement ESPN. It’s unclear how that will happen.

12/15/2017 02:51 PM
Tillerson, in Apparent U-Turn, Says North Korea Must ‘Earn’ Its Way to Talks
Three days after striking a conciliatory tone, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said Pyongyang must stop nuclear threats before any possible talks.

12/14/2017 05:00 AM
Feature: ‘Will They Take Me, Too?’
More than a thousand children are counting on Nora Sándigo to become their guardian if their undocumented parents are deported. How many of those promises will she now have to keep?

12/15/2017 06:48 AM
Op-Ed Contributor: Cashing Out From the Climate Casino
The world’s financial community is finally rousing itself in the fight against global warming.

12/15/2017 01:07 PM
Opinion: Yes, It Happens in Sweden, #Too
The reckoning with a wave of sexual assault revelations has been particularly painful for a country that prides itself on gender equality.

12/15/2017 05:45 AM
Disability: My Supercharged, Tricked Out, Bluetooth Wheelchair Life Force
The bond I have with my fellow bus commuter isn’t just tolerant. It’s fully embracing of me.

12/15/2017 02:13 PM
Op-Ed Columnist: Is This Genocide?
Survivors describe Myanmar soldiers killing men, raping women and burning babies in a Rohingya village.

12/14/2017 06:55 PM
Op-Ed Columnist: Republicans Despise the Working Class
Unless you own a business or live off assets, you’re a second-class citizen in their eyes.

12/14/2017 07:21 PM
Op-Ed Contributor: The G.O.P.’s Legislative Lemons
It’s not just the tax cut or A.C.A. repeal: If the public opposes a law, you can bet the Republicans support it. Why?

12/15/2017 05:45 AM
Op-Ed Columnist: Can Black Voters Turn the South Blue?
Doug Jones’ victory shows the importance of investing in African-American turnout.

12/14/2017 07:17 PM
Op-Ed Columnist: The Glory of Democracy
Thomas Mann lays down some truth.

12/15/2017 05:45 AM
Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Deserving Rich and the Deserving Poor
Americans are a generous people, but our generosity comes with moral judgments.

12/15/2017 03:30 PM
President Trump Escalates Criticism of F.B.I. Role in Russia Inquiry
Mr. Trump stepped up his criticism of some F.B.I. agents helping to investigate possible Russian involvement in his campaign, calling it a “very sad thing to watch.”

12/14/2017 08:00 PM
U.S. Accuses Iran of U.N. Violation, but Evidence Falls Short
American officials showcased weapons thought to be used by Iran-backed rebels in Yemen but failed to show how they proved Iran violated an international agreement.

12/15/2017 02:31 PM
New York Police Investigate Rape Claims Against Russell Simmons
Following mounting reports accusing the music mogul of sexual misconduct, law enforcement is conducting a preliminary investigation.

12/15/2017 11:31 AM
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set a Date: May 19
The royal family filled in the details of a plan that has been known since the couple announced their engagement in late November.

12/15/2017 02:11 PM
House Intelligence Panel Is Rushing to Complete Russia Probe
With key interviews shoehorned into next week before the holiday break, the House Intelligence Committee appears to be rushing its Russia probe to an end.

12/15/2017 11:52 AM
No Wild Parties, No Pledging as Universities Crack Down on Fraternity Excesses
Amid worries about hazing, sexual assault and a spate of deaths, universities are imposing campuswide restrictions on fraternities and sororities.

12/15/2017 03:42 PM
Court Temporarily Blocks Trump Order Against Contraceptive Coverage
A federal judge in Philadelphia allowed an Obama-era rule, generally requiring employers and insurers to pay for contraceptive costs, to continue.

12/15/2017 03:26 PM
E.U. Leaders Agree to Begin Next Phase of Brexit Talks
Their acceptance of a “divorce deal” opens the way for discussions on a transitional period and the nature of trade relations with Britain

12/15/2017 12:03 PM
New York’s Next Subway Chief Will Mull Closing Lines for Repairs
Andy Byford, the city’s incoming transit president, says that making real progress in the subway system will require hard choices.

12/15/2017 05:21 AM
Riding a Time Capsule to Apartment 8G
A few dozen of New York’s passenger elevators are still manually operated, forming a hidden museum of obsolete technology and anachronistic employment.

12/14/2017 09:00 AM
Books News: From Two Scholars, African-American Folk Tales for the Next Generation
In their new collection, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Maria Tatar have reintroduced stories from the African diaspora.

12/14/2017 12:26 PM
Can Kindness Be Taught?
A program prompted by a challenge from the Dalai Lama is bringing kindness training to the classroom. Research suggests it helps.

12/14/2017 03:45 PM
Editors’ Choice: 10 New Books We Recommend This Week
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

12/15/2017 12:32 PM
Critic’s Notebook: You Know Your History? These Podcasts Aren’t So Sure
It seems every podcast company is starting its own counterintuitive take on history. But how effective are they at actually illuminating our past?

12/14/2017 12:12 PM
Art Review: Homage to Mexico: Josef Albers and His Reality-Based Abstraction
A radiant Guggenheim exhibition grounds the proto-Minimalist abstract paintings of Josef Albers in the geometric grandeur of Mesoamerican monuments.

12/15/2017 10:26 AM
Don’t Be the Parent You See in Holiday Films
Beloved characters in some of our favorite holiday films set truly poor examples. What were they thinking?

12/14/2017 05:00 AM
Review: The Sidekick as Hero in ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’
Bill Pullman stars in this Montana-set western, which tips its cowboy hat to classics of the genre.

12/15/2017 05:01 AM
Here’s What Oil Drilling Looks Like in the Arctic Refuge, 30 Years Later
Satellite images of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge show the effects of an oil well that operated there in the mid-1980s.

12/15/2017 05:00 AM
Hawaii Launches Long-Term Care Program
This week, Hawaii launched the Kupuna Caregivers Program to help support working family caregivers.

12/12/2017 02:25 PM
Trilobites: How Layers in a Latte Form
A retired engineer’s accident while making a coffee drink spurred fluid dynamics researchers to study how espresso and milk arrange themselves in a glass.

12/15/2017 04:03 PM
Trilobites: An 8th Planet Is Found Orbiting a Distant Star, With A.I.’s Help
A Google neural network analyzed data collected by NASA and helped astronomers detect another planet around a star some 2,500 light years away.



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