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11/25/2015 02:00 PM
Statistics Cast Doubt on 'the Ferguson Effect'
The Brennan Center for Justice has predicted that murder rates will be up in 2015 but overall crime rates will be down. The finding calls into question the theory of "the Ferguson Effect."

11/25/2015 01:59 PM
Your Thanksgiving Travel Is About to Get More Intense
Americans trying to get out of town for Thanksgiving face more intense screening, longer security lines and a scary global warning U.S. authorities.

11/25/2015 01:58 PM
Obama to Nervous Nation: No Credible Reports of Terror Plot
Obama will speak from the White House after meeting with his national security team in the Situation Room.

11/25/2015 12:20 PM
Obama: No Specific Threat to U.S. as Holidays Near
President Obama delivers a statement at the White House after meeting with his national security team.

11/25/2015 11:28 AM
U.S. Misidentified Hospital Before Bombing It: Official
A U.S. warplane attacked a medical charity hospital in Afghanistan after its crew mistook the hospital for a compound taken over by the Taliban.

11/25/2015 10:56 AM
Teen in Custody After 91-Year-Old Murdered
Detroit police say a 17-year-old suspect turned himself in after a gruesome murder that left a 91-year-old victim dead and his home burned. WDIV'

11/25/2015 10:38 AM
Louisville Holds Rally for Refugees
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and city employees held a rally Tuesday to promote compassion toward refugees. WAVE's Kasey Cunningham reports.

11/25/2015 10:36 AM
Denver Jail Death Probed
A Colorado inmate dies after being taken off life support, weeks after an "incident" involving jail personnel. KUSA's Melissa Blasius r

11/25/2015 09:56 AM
Video of Officer Shooting Chicago Teen Ignites Protests
Demonstrators took to the streets of Chicago Tuesday night after police released dashcam video of the shooting of a black teen by a white officer.

11/25/2015 07:58 AM
Costco Chicken Salad Sickens 19 With E Coli
Nineteen people in seven states are sick with an E coli infection linked to chicken salad from Costco, federal health officials said Tuesday.

11/25/2015 07:40 AM
Airports on Alert, Long Lines Expected This Thanksgiving
Americans traveling for Thanksgiving face more intense screening, longer security lines and travel fears.

11/25/2015 07:34 AM
Here Are the Worst Holiday Traffic Bottlenecks
Californians dreaming of escaping traffic-clogged climes have good reason.

11/25/2015 07:31 AM
Protests in Chicago Over Video of Laquan McDonald Shooting
Authorities released a "disturbing" dashcam video of the moment a cop shot Chicago teen Laquan McDonald 16 times last year.

11/25/2015 04:20 AM
'Rabbi to the Stars' Case: Ex-Follower Awarded $177K
The case marked the latest controversy faced over the years by the Kabbalah Centre, a non-profit organization founded in 1965.

11/25/2015 02:47 AM
Bullets Fly During High-Speed Police Chase
Dashcam video shows bullets shattering a Nebraska State Patrol cruiser's windshield during a high-speed chase in Omaha.

11/25/2015 01:14 AM
'Less Lethal' Weapons Tested by Arizona Sheriff's Office
The Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff's Office will be the first in the nation to try an alternative weapon that fires rubber cartridges.

11/25/2015 12:17 AM
John Stamos Sentenced to 3 Years' Probation in DUI Case
Stamos was arrested June 12 on suspicion of driving under the influence, after witnesses reported he was "behaving strangely and driving erratically."

11/24/2015 11:45 PM
Drone Reveals Florida Ray Invasion
Aerial views show thousands of cownose rays in the waters of Florida's Marco Island. WBBH's Sophie Nielsen-Kolding reports.

11/24/2015 11:03 PM
Denver Deputies on Desk Duty After Jail Inmate Dies
6 Denver sheriff's deputies are on restricted duty while authorities investigate the death of an inmate at the downtown Denver jail.

11/24/2015 10:53 PM
Ex-Lover Says a Pill Kept Her Safe While She Dated Sheen
Charlie Sheen's ex, Amanda Bruce, used a pill to prevent HIV. The CDC says many Americans don't know about although they should.



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