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03/27/2015 05:21 PM
Jury Rules Against Ellen Pao in Gender Discrimination Suit
The case has shined a light on the gross underrepresentation of women in the technology and venture capital sectors.

03/27/2015 05:09 PM
Ex-Ole Miss Student Charged for Noose on Statue
Graeme Phillip Harris faces two federal civil rights charges for the incident in which a noose was placed on a statute of the first black student.

03/27/2015 04:51 PM
The Sweetest Peep Show You'll Ever See
Sculptors use marshmallow chicks as their medium and put their best works on display at Maryland's Peep Show. Jennifer Franciotti reports.

03/27/2015 04:39 PM
Jury Reaches Verdict in Ellen Pao Gender Discrimination Suit
The case has shined a light on the gross underrepresentation of women in the technology and venture capital sectors.

03/27/2015 04:27 PM
School Forces Special Needs Boy to Return Letter Jacket
A mother is outraged when a school forces son to remove varsity letter jacket, saying special-needs athletes aren't allowed to wear the letters. Craig Andres reports.

03/27/2015 04:18 PM
Officials Discover Body Inside Wall
Building inspector discovers human body sealed inside wall of Warren, Ohio. Danielle Cotterman reports.

03/27/2015 04:12 PM
Scott Kelly and Crew Lift Off for Yearlong Mission
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko will spend close to a year at the International Space Station. Kelly will set a record for the longest-duration spaceflight for a U.S. astronaut.

03/27/2015 03:24 PM
'Hero' Driver Helps Students Escape Burning Bus
Two students were treated on the scene after the bus became engulfed in flames in Orange County, California, Friday morning, officials said.

03/27/2015 03:15 PM
Lonely No More: Iris the Chimp Finds Love at Sanctuary
Iris, a 32-year-old chimp, was transferred from a zoo to a sanctuary with the help of a PETA member.

03/27/2015 03:03 PM
Detroit Children Found in Freezer Died of Blunt Trauma
The children, identified as Stoni Ann Blair, 13, and Stephen Berry, 9, died of "multiple blunt trauma," an autopsy found.

03/27/2015 02:23 PM
CEO Killed Wife in September Murder-Suicide: Report
A high-profile hospital CEO killed his wife and then set fire to their bedroom in a bizarre murder-suicide, according to a report released Friday.

03/27/2015 02:19 PM
Feds Indict Alabama Ex-Cop Who Injured Indian Grandfather
Eric Parker has been charged with assaulting Indian citizen Sureshbhai Patel during a sidewalk stop Feb. 6 that was caught on video in Madison.

03/27/2015 02:01 PM
OU: Frat Members Learned Racist Song at National Event
The school says the chant was then "formalized" by the local chapter, which has since been shut down.

03/27/2015 10:41 AM
Germanwings Co-Pilot Trained in Arizona
Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot suspected of intentionally downing a Germanwings airliner with 150 people on board, trained at a Lufthansa facility in Arizona. KPNX's William Pitts reports.

03/27/2015 10:36 AM
Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Takes the Stand
Aaron Hernandez's fiancee testifies in the ex-NFL star's murder trial.

03/27/2015 09:12 AM
Cops Use Selfies to Hunt Alleged iPhone Thief
Denver police offered a $2,000 reward for information on a woman whose selfies may solve the alleged theft of an iPhone.

03/27/2015 09:10 AM
Two Unaccounted for After NYC Building Collapse, Fire
Among the two unaccounted for after the East Village explosion on Thursday is 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa, who was on a sushi date, his family said.

03/27/2015 07:36 AM
Missouri Cops to Limit Use of Tear Gas on Protesters
The agreement settles a lawsuit brought by Ferguson protesters.

03/27/2015 07:25 AM
SF Inmates: We Were Forced to Fight 'Gladiator Style'
The inmates say deputies forced them to fight at the San Francisco Hall of Justice, conduct that the DA called "deplorable."

03/27/2015 07:24 AM
Video Shows 'Ambassador' Beating Homeless Man



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