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09/28/2016 06:06 AM
Cops Confronted by Crowd After Officer-Involved Shooting
Protesters gathered Tuesday night at the scene in El Cajon, California, after an African-American man was killed.

09/28/2016 01:53 AM
Rescued Boater Returns To Shore After Week Lost at Sea
A Vermont man who spent week in a life raft before being rescued by passing freighter returns to shore; his mother remains missing and presumed dead.

09/28/2016 04:24 AM
Border Patrol Agent Killed in Gunfight With Arizona Police
The Maricopa, Arizona, Police Department says a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agent is dead after exchanging gunfire with officers.

09/28/2016 05:01 PM
What Women Think of Trump After the Debate
Twenty-seven percent of likely women voters said the debate worsened their opinion of Trump. Nearly a third said their opinion of Clinton had improved.

09/28/2016 04:24 PM
Three Hurt in South Carolina School Shooting, Official Says
The suspected attacker, a teenager, is in custody, a spokesman for the Anderson County Sheriff's Office said.

09/28/2016 04:13 PM
Court: NH Voting Booth Selfie Ban Unconstitutional
A federal appeals court on Wednesday said New Hampshire's ban on voting booth selfies "is like burning down the house to roast the pig."

09/28/2016 03:33 PM
Senate Passes Short-Term Government Funding Measure
The Senate voted Wednesday afternoon to approve a critical government funding measure—a move which could help Congress narrowly avoid a shutdown.

09/28/2016 03:08 PM
Congress Overrides Obama Veto On 9/11 Bill
Josh Earnest called the action "the single most embarrassing thing the Senate has done since 1983."

09/28/2016 02:51 PM
Man Found Not Guilty in Murder of Ex-Girlfriend's 12-Year-Old Son
Garrett was found unresponsive in October 2011 in his Potsdam, New York apartment.

09/28/2016 02:45 PM
FBI Director: Database Coming on Police Use of Deadly Force
The FBI will have up and running within two years a database that tracks instances of police use of deadly force

09/28/2016 02:36 PM
Serena Williams 'Won't Be Silent'
The tennis superstar has a unique platform to articulate the angers and anxiety of a community often left behind.

09/28/2016 01:59 PM
Video Shows First Pride Flag Launched into Stratosphere
Planting Peace launches the first Pride flag into the stratosphere using a high-altitude balloon.

09/28/2016 01:44 PM
Miami's Zika Search Turns Up Dengue, Too
Florida health officials who have been testing thousands of residents for Zika virus have found another infection: dengue virus.

09/28/2016 11:58 AM
Spy Game: Was the Yahoo Hack About Espionage?
A new report says a "state-sponsored actor" wanted info on U.S. and other world officials, and paid "black hat" hackers to attack Yahoo.

09/28/2016 09:06 AM
UNC Football Player Slams Rape Accusation as 'False'
Allen Artis' attorney says the junior linebacker took a polygraph test and the results came back 'no deception.'

09/28/2016 08:57 AM
Politicians Squawk at Bird Protection Provision in Defense Bill
The chubby bird has congressional leaders who are trying to pass the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act deadlocked.

09/28/2016 08:45 AM
Charlotte Police Chief Has Openly Discussed His Distrust of Cops
Kerr Putney was always an unlikely candidate to wear the badge. But he wanted to make a difference 'from within,' say those who know him.

09/28/2016 08:35 AM
Why Trump's Confusion About Nukes Matters
Donald Trump once again showed during Monday night's presidential debate that he may not understand crucial elements of America's nuclear strategy.

09/28/2016 07:26 AM
Alabama's Top Judge Could Be Removed From Bench — Again
Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore will be tried before the Alabama Court of the Judiciary Wednesday on six charges of alleged ethics violations.

09/28/2016 07:07 AM
Hacker Who Stole Nude Celebrity Photos Pleads Guilty
An Illinois man has pleaded guilty to hacking high-profile female celebrities, though it remains unclear who leaked the nude shots online.

09/28/2016 06:00 AM
Feels Bad Man: Pepe the Frog Is Declared Symbol of Hate
"The mere fact of posting a Pepe meme does not mean that someone is racist or white supremacist," the Anti-Defamation League said.

09/28/2016 05:18 AM
Black Man 'Not Acting Like Himself' Is Fatally Shot by Cops
The two officers involved in the shooting both have more than 21 years of service, according to the El Cajon Police Department.

09/28/2016 04:52 AM
Renter Quizzed After Blast Kills 'Hero' Firefighter
Battalion Chief Michael Fahy was a 17-year FDNY veteran who served through 9/11. He was also a father of three.

09/28/2016 02:59 AM
Swollen Rivers Keep Rising in Iowa
Recent rains have Iowa residents bracing for more flooding.

09/28/2016 02:57 AM
Huge! Monday's Presidential Debate Was Most Watched Ever
More than 84 million viewers watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, shattering previous records.



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