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10/27/2016 07:43 AM
Passengers Scramble to Escape Smoke-Filled Train
Windows were smashed and doors forced open after subway cars filled with smoke from a faulty motor at Boston's Back Bay station.

10/27/2016 05:55 AM
New Human Chain Disrupts Dakota Access Pipeline
A new protest camp and human barrier threaten to escalate tensions in North Dakota. Sara Berlinger of KFYR reports.

10/27/2016 12:48 PM
Trump Son: My Dad Started the Birther Conversation
Donald Trump blamed Hillary Clinton for birtherism, but his son Eric told a Trump biographer his father "started the conversation."

10/27/2016 10:43 AM
Voters Worry More About Drugs Than Obamacare
Obamacare is getting a lot of headlines this week, but voters say they care more about high drug prices.

10/27/2016 09:59 AM
Boyfriend of Missing Student Named Suspect in Her Disappearance
Zuzu Verk was last seen the night of October 11 in Alpine, Texas.

10/27/2016 09:50 AM
Election Day Violence Fears Force Some Schools to Close
Classes have been canceled or polling has been moved from schools in various districts due to fears of violence during this tense election.

10/27/2016 09:46 AM
U.S. Brothers Released After Terrorism Probe Overseas
The siblings — who are originally from Michigan — walked free after officials interrogated them and searched their laptops, an official confirmed.

10/27/2016 09:08 AM
Tommy John for Teens: Why Kids Get Major League Surgery
More than half of patients are between 15 and 19.

10/27/2016 08:34 AM
Gary Condit Reveals What He Said to Chandra Levy's Parents
Government intern Chandra Levy disappeared in 2001 before being found murdered.

10/27/2016 08:19 AM
SkyWest Pilot Accused of Trying to Fly While Drunk
Police say 38-year-old Russell Duszak's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit of .04 when he was preparing to fly out of Salt Lake City.

10/27/2016 08:17 AM
AIDS Revelation Doesn't Take Away Stigma, Activists Say
A new report settles the debate over when AIDS came to the U.S. But survivors of the early days of the epidemic say they still must fight stigma.

10/27/2016 08:07 AM
Tiger Attacks Trainer as Kids on School Trip Watch
A trainer is recovering after a Bengal tiger clawed and dragged her at a fair in Pensacola, Florida.

10/27/2016 07:37 AM
'Rocket Docket' Hearings Violate Due Process: Experts
A new report has found 70 percent of "rocket docket" cases were processed through immigration courts without legal representation.

10/27/2016 06:35 AM
2 Nabbed Trying to Bring Guns to Disney World Parks: Cops
Authorities in Florida say two guests who tried to carry guns into Walt Disney World theme parks have been charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

10/27/2016 06:30 AM
Trump Supporter Brings Clinton Effigy, Noose to Rally
The effigy is just the latest example of the increasingly violent imagery and anti-Clinton sentiment emerging out of the presidential election.

10/27/2016 06:29 AM
How Would a Contested Election Work? 5 Things to Know
Recounts and legal challenges can take months to play out, but not in the election of a president: the Constitution sets strict deadlines.

10/27/2016 06:25 AM
Trump Holds Six-Figure Stake in Dakota Pipeline Firm
The Obama administration suspended construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline as protests continue.

10/27/2016 05:54 AM
This High School Team Is So Good, Nobody Would Play Them
After outscoring their opponents 170-0 to start the season, the Archbishop Murphy Wildcats went five weeks with no one willing to play them.

10/27/2016 04:12 AM
Cops Under Fire After Missing Hispanic Teens Found Dead
Some Hispanic advocates on Long Island are wondering why authorities didn't raise an alarm sooner about the string of disappearances.

10/27/2016 03:18 AM
Northern Lights Visible From Parts of the U.S.

10/26/2016 11:04 PM
Video Shows First Police Encounter With Chelsea Bomb Suspect
Cops found the man accused of setting bombs in N.Y. and N.J. sleeping in a doorway, newly released police body-cam video shows.

10/26/2016 09:58 PM
Justice Clarence Thomas Opens Up About 25 Years on Court
A free-flowing Justice Clarence Thomas came out in rare form Wednesday to reminisce about the last 25 years he's spent on the Supreme Court.

10/26/2016 09:18 PM
Clarence Thomas Discusses Whether The Supreme Court is Political
Justice Clarence Thomas mentioned the controversial Bush vs. Gore decision while answering a question about whether the Supreme Court has morphed into another political branch of government.

10/26/2016 09:17 PM
Document Shows 2012 Harvard Men's Soccer Team Rated Female Recruits Sexually
Harvard students are upset about a "scouting report" made by the 2012 men's soccer team ranking the female soccer team based on their sexual appeal.

10/26/2016 09:15 PM
Justice Thomas: Washington Too Comfortable With Not Debating Issues
Justice Clarence Thomas shares his concerns about the way Supreme Court justices are confirmed as well as the political environment in America.



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